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Milan Fashion Week: Stars and style align at the Spring-Summer 2024 shows

MilanCNN — 

Milan Fashion Week picked up where London left off last Wednesday, at least weather-wise. Just like in the last days of the British capital’s fashion bonanza, torrential rain with brief sunny spells marked much of the five-day event, bringing delays to many of the presentations and, in a few cases — most notably, the Gucci show — forcing organizers to move their venues.

But the downpours didn’t dampen the week’s mood, which was buzzy with expectation for several debuts, including Sabato de Sarno as new creative director of Gucci and Tom Ford’s first Milan show under British designer Peter Hawkings, Ford’s longtime protege. Both hit their strides with highly well received collections, as did a number of other familiar faces to Italy’s fashion capital. From Prada to Ferragamo, Fendi to Bottega Veneta, Milan proved once again that impeccable elegance is its watchword, and crisp femininity — which this season took the shape of knits, short shorts, red leather, and well-tailored jackets — its main aesthetic.

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